Dive Resorts

  • Coron Dive Resorts

    A one of a kind experience is waiting for in Coron, not only for its amazing dive sites but also with its pleasant resorts that accommodates a full convenience and comfort for your stay. There are actually several resorts over the place and every resort are cool and amazing. Comes up with different ambiances that are really attention-catching, these resorts are designed accordingly and maintained well.

  • Discovery Divers Resort

    Discovery Divers Resort

    A fablous place for a getway is Coron, a popular place for diving because of its untouched beauty and rich marine culture. This small island off the coast Palawan’s nothern territory is home to unique flora and fauna, exotic wildlife, spectacular limestone cliffs, woderfully preserved white sand beaches and coral reefs teeming with fish and other sea creatures and it’s popular travel destination which accomodates many resorts and hotel as well.

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  • Puerto Del Sol Resort

    Puerto Del Sol Resort

    Puerto del sol is a highly exclusive and uniquely seaside, resort and hotel, which offers the ultimate in stylishness, grace and details. World class accommodation and amenities, majestic natural wonders plus the warmth and friendliness of the service. It is the ideal destination for major relaxation.

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  • Seadive Resort

    Seadive Resort

    Sea Dive Resort, top choice for diving, hotel and simple two star resorts here in Coron, Palawan. The resort is specialized in scuba diving and a great place to learn to dive, or further your diving experience. It is well known for the establisments strategic location and serene surrounding. With some entertaining amenities, tourist will have an enjoyable and great time at this place.

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