Discovery Divers Resort

  • Discovery Divers Resort

    A fablous place for a getway is Coron, a popular place for diving because of its untouched beauty and rich marine culture. This small island off the coast Palawan’s nothern territory is home to unique flora and fauna, exotic wildlife, spectacular limestone cliffs, woderfully preserved white sand beaches and coral reefs teeming with fish and other sea creatures and it’s popular travel destination which accomodates many resorts and hotel as well.

    DISCOVERY RESORT, located at Decanituan Island, just 10 minutes away from the Coron town center. However many who visit the island are surprised when they come across a natural hot spring and the world prominent Kayangan Lake, known as the cleanest lake with its clear water and the visibilty extends to more than just few meters.

    Most common activities here include wreck diving and also nearby Kayangan and Barracuda lakes are always thronged with tourists as well. The best place to enjoy and to set your mood.

    Resort Facilities and Amenities

    All the facilities and accommodation here in Discovery Resort will make your vacation in a pleasure and be satisfied in their service.
    The accommodation is bungalow style, constructed of traditional materials, and situated up the hill from the restaurant and the small beach. The bungalows are build into the hill with a great view over the bay. All bungalow are with double bed, private bath & toilet and terraces. Additional bed’s are available.

    The Restaurant & Bar, serves Asian & International Cousins. Serves Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Buffets. As well as Ala Carte. A great place to relax at the sunsets after a day of diving. Where you meet your Dive crew and buddies, talk about diving and live and exchange your experience!

    Discovery Suites is the perfect quiet and tranquil place to relax. Wake up in the morning to the sound of the birds and open your eyes to a spectacular view of the bay.

    All the cottages use local natural materials to keep the rooms cool. They are tile floored and available with twin or triple-beds, with en-suite shower, sink and toilet. All rooms have fans.

    Discovery Resort offers you western standard accommodation, combined with nature & idyllic island!

    Resort Activities

    For divers Discovery Divers provides SCUBA and technical diving. For non divers they run adventure tour from the resort on their own boats. Discovery Resort can take you quiet white sand island beach, the Coron Island rock formations, sea-life and giant clam beds, or unwind in the Makinit Hot Springs.

    How to get there

    At Coron airport, there are several aircon vans that will usually wait outside the airport to transfer you to Coron Town. The ride takes about 30 – 40 minutes on the roads, depending on the traffic conditions. It is about 150 peso per person or 1500 for a private van rental. Some dive resorts in Coron may offer to fetch you at the airport.

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