Puerto Del Sol Resort

  • Puerto Del Sol Resort – Tropical Island

    Puerto del sol is a highly exclusive and uniquely seaside, resort and hotel, which offers the ultimate in stylishness, grace and details. World class accommodation and amenities, majestic natural wonders plus the warmth and friendliness of the service. It is the ideal destination for major relaxation.

    Located in Puerto Del Sol bay, close to Coron and Concepcion on the west coast of Busuanga Island, northern Palawan Philippines. Fall in love with the rustic appeal of a beautiful town rich in culture and steep with breathtaking waterfalls and mystic caves.

    Puerto Del Sol Resort is surrounded by water on both sides, experience like you where in a private tropical Island. the best time to go here is sundown, when the sunset is simply dramatic. This resort offers the best seats for catching the scenery. Many option activities you can desire in this resort. Like they offer day tour thermal lakes and Coron island lagoons, Calauit wildlife safari park, historic cullion towns and Sagrada waterfalls. It is a ideal place to visit especially for nature lovers and photographers.

    Resort Accommodation

    If you love water sports, Puerto del sol have facilities for wakeboarding, water skiing, banana rides, sport fishing, hobby cat sailing, Jet Ski safaris and live aboard safaris for cruising or diving on large motor yachts.

    With ten exclusive, individual cottage style accommodations, all based on local architectural style using local materials. Full decks on the cottages provides wonderful views of the horizon in the day and the stars at night. They have BeachFront Cottages, with complete facilities and a chance to be lulled to sleep by the sound of the sea and awake by the sound of the bird.

    With two-storey structure done in the Mediterranean Style. Each part has double beds with individual balconies. You can found the open living and dining area in the ground level. On the second level is the Bedroom with a king-size bed and balcony facing the sun. Two Bedroom detached units which can accommodate up to seven people with living and dining area. Sliding doors with glass wall, giving you a view of the South China Sea.

    Resort Activities

    The resorts offers all the fun activities that you may enjoy while staying in its area. You can bask under the sun, laze under a tree or relax on a hammock. Try also snorkelling, yatching, scuba diving, hobiecat sailing, bird watching, kayaking, wind surfing, island hoppong, kayaking, diving. They also have programmed activities such as environmental shows, cultural shows and sports tournaments such as billiards, tennis and group board games, ballroom, disco dancing and other fun activities for adults and kids.

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