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  • Coron Dive Sites

    – You will indisputably choose Coron as your great spot for summer getaway. Rich with beautiful underwater creatures, emblazoned coral reefs, sunken ships that lies on the greater depth of the sea, you will find the place excellently. Visiting this place is a perfect experience that can stay in your mind for whole life.

  • Akitsushima


    The Akitsushima dive site is reached at about 30 minutes by a speed boat and 2 and a half hours by a banca from the west of Coron. The wreck’s minimum visibility is at 5 meters and maximum of 15 meters. The best months to visit the site are said to be from the months of November to May.

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  • Black Island Wreck

    Black Island Wreck

    he Black Island Wreck is known to be one of the best diving sites in Palawan. It is known for its excellent features above and under the sea. On land and under the sea, limestone caves are seen. Forests and hot springs, on the other hand, can be found above water. Aside from wreck diving at the Black Island Wreck, there are other exciting activities that make tourists love the place.

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  • Cagayan Lake

    Cagayan Lake

    ayangan Lake, also known as Barracuda Lake, is said to be the craziest dive site in the Philippines. This is because before the dive starts, divers will first do some challenging mountain climbing in full diving equipment over sharp limestone cliffs.

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  • coral-garden


    The underwater tour begins with entering an amazing coral garden at 13 feet. Next is going over the drop-off to 130 ft and above. The shallow reef top is well and nicely covered with beautiful soft and hard, stony and leathery corals, including the very huge Acropora table corals and a few small gorgonians. There are lots of small reef fish. There are also sea stars – blue and grey Linckia) and anemones with clownfish.

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  • Coron Island

    Coron Island

    Getting in this site will only take for about 45 minutes from south to south east by a banca. It is an open water dive that offers an easy wreck dive for all beginners. It also offers an exciting night dive that will surely be enjoyed by amateur divers.

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  • East Tangat Wreck

    East Tangat Wreck

    East Tangat wreck sunk on the 24th of September 1944 that was believed to be either a tugboat or an anti-submarine craft. This happened during the World War II. This shipwreck is 40 meters or 130 feet long and 500 gross tons. The wreck lies listing to starboard down a sandy slope with the stern at 22 meter or 72 feet. The top of the bow at 10 feet points at 320 degrees (compass bearing).

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  • Gunboat at Lusong Island

    Gunboat at Lusong Island

    Gunboat at Lusong Island is known to be one of the best sites in Palawan in terms of diving. The Lusong gunboat is a shallow sunken Japanese wreck that is perfect for scuba diving. Snorkeling is also good on the reef beside the wreck.

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  • Irako


    Irako wreck is said to be the spot where you can experience the best wreck dive in the Philippines. It is very popular with diver enthusiasts. . It is one of the Japanese ships that were sunk in year 1944 during the World War II. Irako wreck is still intact and lies at the mouth of the Coron Bay in Palawan. This Japanese refrigeration ship is about 147 meters or 482 feet long, 19 meters wide and 9723 gross tons. The wreck has a very good visibility at the minimum depth of 5 meters or 16 feet to the maximum of 15 meters or 49 feet.

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  • Kogyo Maru

    Kogyo Maru

    Kogyo Maru dive site is one of the greatest dive sites in Palawan as well as in the Philippines. Kogyo Maru is an auxiliary army cargo ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the World War II. It was sunk on the 24th of September, 1944 by US aircraft. This Japanese freighter is 158 meters or 520 feet long and 6352 gross tons. It lies on its starboard side in 100 feet of the water. The port side hull of the Kogyo Marui is at 22 meters or 72 feet. Its hull is covered with soft and hard corals.

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  • Mamya Maru

    Mamya Maru

    Located at the wet of the northwest side of the Tangat Island is the Mamya Maru wreck. This wreck dive site is also well known in Coron, Palawan. The good thing about wreck diving here is that it is advisable for both beginners and professional divers for it has a good depth.

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  • Olympia Maru

    Olympia Maru

    This wreck was a Japanese army cargo ship that is 137 meters or 450 feet long and 5617 gross tons. It was sunk by US aircraft on the 24th of September, 1944. It is firmly stated on reports that the Olympia Maru was attacked by ten US aircrafts. The fourth US aircraft was the one who apparebtly scored a straight hit amidships, perhaps on a fuel tank and then the engine was damaged.

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  • Taiei Maru

    Taiei Maru

    This dive site has now become one of the most visited and known dive sites in Coron, Palawan. Reaching the place will take for about 2 and a half hours by banca, from west up to the south of the Concepcion Village.

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  • Tangat Wreck a191

    Tangat Wreck a191

    Tangat Wreck (A191) is another Japanese freighter that was sunk on the 24th of September 1944 during the World War II by the US aircraft. The wreck sits upright in 100 ft of the water. Its main deck is at 60 to 80 feet.

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