• Akitsushima


    Akitsushima is also considered as one of the most popular wreck diving sites in Palawan.

    The wreck lies in the north west of Manglet Island. This wreck was the only warship that had sunk in the Coron by. This 148 meters or 487 feet Japanese vessel sunk on the 24th of September 1944. It happened immediately minutes after the attack of an air raid. It was bombed close to the stern where its flying boat was tethered on metal tracks. The warship had almost broken into two. On the other hand, the crane that was used to lift the seaplane out of the water is undamaged and lies on the sand at 36 meters deep. There is also a three-barreled anti aircraft gun mounting in front of the lying boat tracks and also half buries in the mud of the crane’s area.

    The Akitsushima dive site is reached at about 30 minutes by a speed boat and 2 and a half hours by a banca from the west of Coron. The wreck’s minimum visibility is at 5 meters and maximum of 15 meters. The best months to visit the site are said to be from the months of November to May.

    Akitsushima attracts and hosts such a huge amount of marine life. In fact, its marine life is one of the reasons why divers are much fascinated with the place. It includes schools of small to large colorful fishes such as the yellow fish, grouper, snapper, bat fish, shoals of barracuda, tuna, small reef fish, sea turtles and many more.

    Diving here at Akitsushima is really a remarkable experience for divers. Perhaps, the site is not advisable for beginners when the currents are very strong.

    Location: Between Lajo Island and Manglet Island, near Cullion Island, Palawan,Philippines
    Main Attraction: Wreck diving, Nitrox diving, amazing marine life
    Average depth: 28 meters or 92 feet
    Maximum depth: 38 meters or 125 feet
    Condition: Weak to strong currents, not recommended for beginners.

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