Cagayan Lake

  • Cagayan Lake

    Cagayan Lake

    Cayangan Lake is considered as one of the most popular dive sites for scuba divers. It is situated on top of a volcano crater.

    Cayangan Lake, also known as Barracuda Lake, is said to be the craziest dive site in the Philippines. This is because before the dive starts, divers will first do some challenging mountain climbing in full diving equipment over sharp limestone cliffs. This will take for about 10 to 15 minutes. The view around the lake is amazingly beautiful. The underwater terrain has been likened to fly over the surface of the moon. The first four meters of the water is warm and fresh while the next meters is salty. There is also a dynamic change in the lake’s water temperature. It ranges from 28 to 38 Celsius. Thermoclines can even be seen at 4 and 14 meters. The water suddenly changes from crystal clear to tea brown at 34 to 35 meters. This is due to the tannic acid in the in the leaves that fell in the lake.

    After this short adventure, you will meet the so called king of the lake, the barracuda. This barracuda is about 1.5 meters long that likes to guide the divers around his domain. This is the best chance for underwater photographers to meet and take a close up picture of the huge barracuda.

    Your experience here will surely be remarkable and worth it!

    Location: North end of Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines
    Main Attraction: Scuba diving
    Average depth: 20 meters or 66 feet
    Maximum depth: 35 meters or 115 feet
    Condition: Calm with almost no currents

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