Coral Garden

  • Coral Garden

    Coral Garden

    The underwater tour begins with entering an amazing coral garden at 13 feet. Next is going over the drop-off to 130 ft and above. The shallow reef top is well and nicely covered with beautiful soft and hard, stony and leathery corals, including the very huge Acropora table corals and a few small gorgonians. There are lots of small reef fish. There are also sea stars – blue and grey Linckia) and anemones with clownfish. Over the drop off, there are more table corals, stinging hydroids, Dendronephthya soft tree corals, a few fine corals, whip corals and plenty of gorgonian sea fans.

    This dive site offers an affordable rate for divers but surely you will get more than what you have paid for. This is because your adventure at the Coral Garden will definitely be unforgettable and enjoyable. In fact, many underwater photographers and professional writers visit this site because of the greatness of its beauty. The beauty of the coral garden is still undamaged and remains amazing. It is really a must see!

    Location: A few hundred meters northwest of Calis Point, the south point of Coron Island,
    Palawan, Philippines

    Main Attraction: Easy scuba diving, the amazing coral garden
    Average depth: — no specific
    Maximum depth: 40 meters or 130 feet and above
    Condition: Calm water, from zero to moderate currents

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