Coron Island

  • Coron Island – Fishing Boat

    Coron Island – Fishing Boat

    Getting in this site will only take for about 45 minutes from south to south east by a banca. It is an open water dive that offers an easy wreck dive for all beginners. It also offers an exciting night dive that will surely be enjoyed by amateur divers.

    The sunken fishing boat is approximately 35 meters long that lies at the Coron Island, close to the entrance of Cayangan Lake. Its visibility is at about 33 feet.

    The water here is very shallow compared to other wreck dive sites in Palawan. This is one reason why most beginners visit this site.

    Good thing about this site is it has a beautiful background of limestone rock formations, sandy coves for picnics and sunbathing between dives. It has a shallow coral garden and is ideal for photography because the sunken boat has become a home for a variety of tropical fishes such as nudibranchs, sea stars, angel fish, butterfly fish, and shoals of barracuda, damselfish and more. The sunken boat was slightly covered with few soft and hard corals and sponges.

    Location: Hundred meters south west of the entance cove to the Barracuda Lake, midway between Limaa Point and Balolo Point on the north west face of Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines
    Main Attraction: Easy wreck diving, night diving
    Average depth: 4 meters or 13 feet
    Maximum depth: 12 meters or 40 feet
    Condition: Shallow and calm from zero to moderate currents

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