Gunboat at Lusong Island

  • Gunboat at Lusong Island

    Gunboat at Lusong Island

    Gunboat at Lusong Island is known to be one of the best sites in Palawan in terms of diving. The Lusong gunboat is a shallow sunken Japanese wreck that is perfect for scuba diving. Snorkeling is also good on the reef beside the wreck.

    It is also good for underwater photography for it has a rich coral and marine life. It is usually used as a relaxation between main dives. It is covered with sponges as well as soft and sometimes hard corals.
    The wreck lies from the surface to 10 meters or 33 feet on the east side of Lusong Island. The stern actually splits the surface during low tide. It has been restored and the entire top has been gone.

    The site has been also popular because of its richness in marine life. It includes a huge variety of small to huge tropical fishes such as schools of copper band butterfly fish, six banded angelfish, puffer fish, batfish, sea cucumbers, sea turtles and a whole lot more. The absence of sea stars and crinoids is perhaps surprising.

    This dive site in Palawan is also advisable for beginners for it has usually mild currents. They will enjoy staying underwater for longer periods of time and surely that will be an unforgettable experience especially for amateur scuba divers.

    Location: Southern end of Lusong Island, Palawan, Philippines
    Main Attraction: Wreck diving, underwater photography, snorkeling
    Average Depth: 6 meters or 20 feet
    Maximum Depth: 10 meters or 33 feet
    Condition: Clear and shallow water, usually mild to strong currents

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