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    Irako wreck is said to be the spot where you can experience the best wreck dive in the Philippines. It is very popular with diver enthusiasts. . It is one of the Japanese ships that were sunk in year 1944 during the World War II. Irako wreck is still intact and lies at the mouth of the Coron Bay in Palawan. This Japanese refrigeration ship is about 147 meters or 482 feet long, 19 meters wide and 9723 gross tons. The wreck has a very good visibility at the minimum depth of 5 meters or 16 feet to the maximum of 15 meters or 49 feet.

    The shipwreck’s main deck is at 34 meters or 112 feet. It has a deep but good penetration that is advisable only for professional and well equipped divers.

    The superstructure is very interesting and exciting. It is nicely covered with hard and soft corals and sponges.

    Irako wreck serves as a host of a huge variety of colorful fishes, making its marine life really amazing. This includes schools of tuna, huge groupers, yellow fin, lion fish, scorpion fish, bat fish, snappers, shoals of barracuda and many more. You can also find sea turtles living in the folded and crumpled metals of the shipwreck.

    The site also offers Nitrox diving which can be enjoyed by everyone.

    Location: South east of Lusong Island and South of Kogyo Maru, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
    Main Attraction: Wreck diving as well as Nitrox diving, Spectacular marine life
    Average depth: 12 meters or 40 feet
    Maximum depth: 40 meters or 130 feet
    Condition: Mild to strong currents

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