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    Mamya Maru

    Located at the wet of the northwest side of the Tangat Island is the Mamya Maru wreck. This wreck dive site is also well known in Coron, Palawan. The good thing about wreck diving here is that it is advisable for both beginners and professional divers for it has a good depth.

    Mamya Maru is one of the Japanese freighters that were sunk by the US aircraft. It happened on the 24th of September, 1944, during the World War II. The ship is about 160 meters or 525 feet long and is lying on its starboard side at about 112 feet of the water. Its port side hull is at 24 meters or 78 feet and the large holds are not hard to penetrate and consists construction materials. The port side of the shipwreck is well covered with good soft and hard corals, spones and anemones.

    The Mamya Maru shipwreck hosts a huge amount of a spectacular marine life. This includes a variety of wonderful tropical fishes such as the lionfish, surgeonfish, and large grouper, a school of clownfish, shoals of barracuda, batfish, snappers, fusiliers, sweepers and many more.

    Wreck diving is here at Mamya Maru dive site is affordable and surely enjoyable. It is highly rated and recommended by a lot of people who have tried the experience.

    Location: West of the North west side of Tangat Island, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
    Main Attraction: Wreck diving
    Average depth: 24 meters or 80 feet
    Maximum depth: 34 meters or 112 feet
    Condition: Calm currents are common, sometimes can be very strong.

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